Brianne B

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When I was in my last year of university I was really unsure of what direction my life and career was going to go in. By chance I happened upon Aurelia’s presentation about teaching in the UK. Right away I felt like family. Aurelia was a company who knew and cared about the teachers who worked for them. They talked a lot about their Canadian community overseas and the ability to travel, which really appealed to me.

After filling out all the paper work, I received a job offer just a few short months later. Julie and the rest of the team worked hard to make sure the school was the perfect fit for me. And when it came time for me to start planning for the big move they were there with me every step of the way to ensure my transition was a smooth one. Once I arrived I quickly bonded and made friends with the community of Canadians here, with Aurelia planning several social events to help us get to know each other. And whenever I’ve hit a snag with either teaching or living in England I know that I have the support of Aurelia to help me through. If you think that teaching in England might be a job option you are interested in I definitely recommend Aurelia!