Aurelia Education’s main priority is to build a confident community of teachers that work in collaboration with proactive and supportive community based schools. Together the goal is to facilitate the highest quality standard of teaching. It takes a commitment on everyone’s part, effective communication, willingness to learn and dedication to ensure that the highest quality of education is achieved. 

Aurelia Education recruits teachers who are committed to the profession, their UK school and most importantly their students’ educational progress.

Aurelia Education Values

  • We recruit on quality, our reputation depends on it!
  • We strictly choose to commit to school leaders who share, accept and practice our ethos
  • We maintain a limit on our recruitment numbers prioritised on the highest quality
  • We engage the vast majority of teachers through reputation of service
  • We build communities for our teachers and provide continual support to ensure our teachers are ready to put their full effort into their work and have relationships that enable our teachers to be the best they can be
  • We invest in high quality, on-going support for the transition to living and working in the UK
  • We offer a bespoke personal and professional service
  • We prepare teachers with real information, real expectation, for real jobs
  • We strongly believe that it is the quality of the teacher which is the foundation of the quality we provide
  • We encourage teachers and schools to share feedback to help create positive and dynamic growth for future success
  • We have the best interest of our teachers in mind above all else. Their happiness and success is our value
  • We work with well-known and developed teacher program courses where their experience help them to begin their teaching careers in England
  • We match professional profiles of teachers to those of our schools to facilitate success
  • We are a company built by teachers, for teachers
  • We are a people business