Bank Accounts

Aurelia will assist you in setting up a bank account upon arrival. As you are a new resident to the country there are specific requirements, but we will help you with the documentation to ensure you attend your appointment prepared. The appointment will be done anytime during working hours and you will need to do this as soon as possible in order to ensure your payroll runs smoothly.  Within 2 weeks of this appointment you should expect to receive your new bank card and password in the mail. You will provide your bank information to the payroll company so you can receive direct deposit of your pay cheque.

The two banks we work with are HSBC and Lloyds

HSBC Lloyds -

Lloyds -

National Insurance Number

What is a National Insurance number?  Your National Insurance number makes sure your National Insurance contributions and tax are only recorded against your name. It’s made up of letters and numbers and never changes. You can register for this only once you are in the UK and have a new permanent address.

You must have the right to work or study in the UK to get a National Insurance number.   Jobcentre Plus may ask you to go to an interview to confirm your identity.

Registering with a Doctor

National Heath Services (NHS) are available to you and National Insurance (NI) contributions are deducted from your pay to ensure you have access to the NHS. Aurelia will advise you on how to apply for you NI number once you have arrived in the UK. It is a good idea to register with a local GP as soon as possible. Visiting a doctor is free and prescriptions are very affordable.

Registering with a doctor in the UK can only be done once you have a permanent address. Once you have this, you can use your postal code on the following website to call and book an appointment:


  1. Insert your postal code
  2. Start calling through the list to see if they have space to take on new patients
  3. When you find one who does, book appointment and register
  4. There will be a number of other topics covered in your in person induction but this gives you a heads up on a few things.

Will I get to travel?

YES! With holidays taking place nearly every 6 weeks (13 weeks in total), it is easy to find time to take a trip. Over term breaks, schools close down and teachers are not expected to work - perfect time for travelling! Travelling in the UK/Continental Europe is fairly inexpensive, and there are many discount or budget services and websites to explore such as Kayak, Skyscanner, Hostelworld, and Airbnb to find great deals. Register online for the 16-25 railcard from National Rail within the UK for only £30 and you'll save 1/3 of the price on many rail fares within Great Britain. The benefit of being connected with a large group of Canadians in your area, or the UK in general, is that you will always be able to find a new travel buddy!

How will I be paid?

Aurelia will assist you with the payroll service closer to your arrival in the UK.  Because you are an agency worker, you will not be paid directly by the schools. You must electronically submit time sheets each week to be approved by your supervisor and Aurelia, who then authorizes your pay to be released through direct deposit into your bank account. Remember that your first paycheck won't be until the end of September.

Money Transfer

What is the best way to transfer money back to my Canadian bank account (to pay OSAP, loans or to save)?

There are a few options, as several companies offer this service. Transferwise, you can view their rates online before you send money. You will send your money to an e-mail address (similar to an e-transfer in Canada), but it will be automatically withdrawn from your British account and can be deposited into your Canadian account with 5 days via e-mail. Charges depend on the amount of money you are sending, but for £400 or more, it is 0.5% transaction fee, with a minimum of £2. Travelex charges £7 for transfers under £2500, over that amount is free. On Transferwise, you can set a reminder to be sent to your e-mail to let you know when the GBP is high and when it is the best time to convert your money to CAD. Some people choose to work with HSBC bank which is located in Canada and the UK where you can transfer money from one account to the other with ease.