In order to achieve this: 
•    Aurelia expects the schools to include and uphold a commitment to a high quality induction process and regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD). 
•    Schools should have either previous successful experiences of recruiting teachers trained overseas or who agree to work alongside an established school with a proven track record. 
•    Aurelia Education is not a bulk service company, therefore it only recruits to real vacancies from our schools.  
•    The schools are expected to maintain at least a commitment to a full year of teaching. 

Additionally we choose to work with schools who take pride in their teachers, systems, students and outcomes. It is vital to us to partner with educational institutions who foster learning, growth and development as much as relationships and experiences.

These are the priorities and non-negotiables that drive our business. 

We require our partnered institutions to have:

  • A robust interview process
  • High quality induction
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Successful experiences, choosing established schools who have proven positive track records
  • Real vacancies for a full academic year (save roles beginning in January) - as we are NOT a bulk service company

Types of institutions we work with include: