Julie Stewart, originally from Prince Edward Island, Canada, has been involved in education her entire career. After graduating from the University of Manitoba with her Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Julie then went on to spend two years teaching KS3 at the school where she completed her student teaching practicum. It was at this point that she decided to relocate to England to teach and live out new experiences.

Julie was recruited to teach in London, England in 2000.  She was able to make the same move as all Aurelia teachers.  After a term of teaching, she took the opportunity to work in educational recruitment with a specialism of finding overseas teachers positions. 

A mother of two to Jael and Jette, both girls have played a huge role in her journey in building Aurelia Education from the ground up. The girls (and dog, Millie) are a part of Aurelia’s community and have been made to feel that way because of the family-like community of the Aurelia teachers. 

With almost two decades nurturing her skills in placing overseas teachers trained into UK schools, it only made sense to create a company that brought the best practise of this experience to life.

Throughout this journey we have worked with wonderful educators, schools and trusts.  Our growth has been based on service.  Along the way, our teachers have been a huge contributing factor to the success of our company.  They create such wonderful, supportive environments for each other to get through all the challenges of moving overseas.

Our company has grown as some of our teachers have now moved from the classroom to finding teachers for the classroom.  Lauren LeBlanc continues to play a key role in Aurelia Education.  Her contribution has elevated Aurelia Education to where it is today. Lauren has lead Aurelia recruitment, practicums, and will now be moving into client based work.  Making room for expansion, we have welcomed Meaghan Perrotta to the team.  In her short time working internally, she has strengthened our practicum program and consolidated the logistics of the business.  It is their shared set of values, culture and ethics which makes this company the success it is in the short time it has existed and has allowed our team to continue to expand.

This year we have welcomed a new consultant, Lindsay, to the team. Lindsay’s commitment to excellence and exceptional care has continued to elevate what Aurelia has to offer.