Kaitlyn A

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I originally found Aurelia through a friend who came over to teach a year before I did. I was drawn to this company over others because of her great experience, and the fact that Aurelia is a lot smaller than most and therefore there is a greater feeling of community. Julie, the company director, was always supportive during the original interview process and fought hard to find the right role for me. She really listened to what I was looking for and didn’t push me to accept a position I wasn’t comfortable with. 

Moving overseas is definitely difficult but Aurelia was great at supporting me in completing all the paperwork and outlining exactly what I needed to do every step of the way to prepare before arriving. Aurelia has also been great at creating a strong social network among its’ teachers. I have met many great people after arriving in England that I can always talk to about teaching, or get together with for a night out. I would definitely recommend Aurelia to anyone thinking about coming to teach in England!