Why teach through an agency? Why choose Aurelia?

Most UK schools hire teachers from abroad through agencies. Unlike many other large corporation-based agencies, Aurelia is here to give you the bespoke support that you need to get you to the UK successfully. We have a great community of Canadian teachers in various parts of England who are committed to Aurelia and our ideology of support. These teachers work together to support each other on a daily basis. We have a mentorship program where new teachers are paired with experienced Aurelia teachers who are currently or have previously been teachers in your new home.

What is the process?

This will all be collected in a staggered process to get you closer to the government process of obtaining a working visa in the UK. You will also require the right to work in the UK which can be arranged through several options.

What is the interview process like? 

Aurelia will support you in finding a school that is well matched to what you are looking for. You are encouraged to research each school and decide if it is the right fit for you. If you feel it is a school that you will happily work in, Aurelia will line up an interview for you. Your consultant will help you in learning about the school, deciding if it is the right fit for you as well as preparing for your interview.

What are some possible interview questions I can try and prepare for?

  • Why do you want to move and work in the UK?

  • Discuss your classroom management style.

  • What is your experience with difficult behaviour?

  • Can you give an example of a time you dealt with difficult behaviour in the classroom and what techniques you used?

  • Give an example of a good lesson you have planned and taught and explain why it went well.

  • How do you assess students?

How long is the contract? When do I accept a job?

The expectation is that you will stay for at least one full school year (beginning the year in September and completing the school year in July).  Most visas will allow teachers to stay and work in the UK for up to 2 years. There are options for staying beyond that as well. Aurelia recruits teachers from the fall through the spring for start dates in September as well as January. This is to give you time to obtain the proper documents and plan your move. There are sometimes positions available mid-year as well, this is something you can inquire with your Aurelia contact if you are interested in a move between September and July.  To ensure you have left yourself enough time to acquire a visa and organize your move, try to accept a job before July if you plan to work in September. 

When will I hear from my school?

Do not expect lengthly communications with your school before the term begins. During summer holidays (July and August) most schools close completely and teachers and administrators are not easily reached. It is likely you will receive information about your position and duties on Inset (training/professional development) days, which generally are one, two, or more days immediately prior to the start of the school year.