Selecting a Company

  1. You will have one key staff member, who is a trained teacher and taught in the UK, caring for you

  2. Full-time teaching positions in both Primary and Secondary

  3. Teachers are offered long term roles at specific schools, allowing them to better prepare for the start of their career

  4. Placement at supportive schools that have outstanding leadership

    • Example of the caliber of schools we work with:

      • We work with the best school in London for League tables

      • We work with the school whose teacher has won "World's Best Educator"

      • Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has recently visited two of our schools

  5. We work in partnership with lead schools in London, Nottingham, Bradford and the Midlands

  6. Exclusive package offers for high demand subjects -- Science and Maths

  7. Exclusive package offered to practicum teachers who return for a full time role in September

  8. On the job training through our Practicum program

Transition Support

  1. Assistance in arranging short term living accommodations, if needed, when you first arrive

  2. UK bank appointment support

  3. Connecting you with a proven real estate agent who will help you find a place to call "home" in England

  4. Guidance on healthcare and setting up your National Insurance

  5. Provide community events and training

  6. Support in finding flatmates

  7. Connect you with a "Mentor" teacher to help you with your settling in process

Once you are here

  1. Offer of early payment upon arrival if requested

  2. "Mentor" teachers who can help you with your transition within the context of your school

  3. Returning teachers have an opportunity to work internally by supporting new teachers with Aurelia Education after their initial year

  4. Professional development

  5. Networking opportunities through small social gatherings and company events

  6. Personal connections with other overseas and Aurelia teachers

  7. Opportunities to extend contract for a second year