Will L


During my last year of my BEd my partner Erin and I decided we were interested in moving overseas to work and travel for a few years - but even then were uncertain where or how we were going to go about it all. Aurelia amongst many other teacher recruitment agencies visited my school presenting their offers throughout the year. Eventually, based on the presentations, my partner and I decided England was our best bet in getting suitable jobs and opportunities to travel, with the pound being what it was. At first, Aurelia seemed small, and as I was unfamiliar with the industry, I attributed this to it being new and therefore inexperienced. As it is a younger company compared to competitors, inexperienced is the opposite of what Julie and Aurelia are.

It was while applying to multiple other agencies I realised how impersonal and disconnected they were to my needs and my story. Once I connected with Lauren after her presentation, it continued to be Lauren who walked us straight to the door of our new jobs in the UK. In the year we have been here, we have been connected to a community, offered endless support, catered to as assets rather than numbers. Aurelia has made it a point to remain personal and interested in each of their teachers to ensure their overall satisfaction with their decision to move and teach. Teaching in the UK system is very different than teaching in Canada. At first - all the stories were very intimidating and slightly overwhelming. Aurelia hosted a training day in the UK before we ever entered a classroom.

This session covered everything from expectations, british values, cultural understanding, and behaviour, as well as provided us with resources and a folder to refer back to if needed. We connected with other Aurelia teachers, and continued to do so throughout the year, as Julie hosts coffee, or breakfast with all the Aurelia teachers in your area every time she is in town. This allows her to touch base and keep us all close and build a strong network for new teachers coming in. Her company is built on connecting and supporting each other - and no other ethics could better describe Julie herself. I have and continue to recommend Aurelia to new Canadian teachers planning to move abroad, as no other company could feel more like family while being so far from home.