Lindsay S & Callum T

Linds and Cal.png

Hi, my name’s Lindsay. I started working in the UK September after completing my teaching degree at Queens University. Now I am a teacher in Year 7 and 8 Core (humanities) and English in Bradford. After researching what felt like hundreds of agency website, going to the countless university talks, and all the job fairs aimed towards teaching abroad in the UK, I made my decision to work with Aurelia. This is a decision that I have never regretted and will be forever happy I made. Something different about my story is that when I was looking for an agency, I wasn’t just looking for a job for myself; I was also looking for my partner Cal. 

Cal is not a teacher, but has had a lot of experience working with children. When I was deciding on an agency, I made sure to tell companies that a priority for me would also be that they could find a job for Cal as a TA. When I told Aurelia this, I knew they were the right choice because it became a priority for them as well. They helped Cal navigate the teaching world, with everything from his resume to interviews, to understanding what would make him happy in a school. They were there for him every step of the way as much as they were for me. Lauren was there for us leading up to leaving, Julie has been there for us since arriving and of course there is also the strong community of teachers who have been there through it all. I ‘big up’ (get ready for that UK lingo!) Aurelia every chance I get because I am so happy with how they’ve truly made this experience for us.