Dennis L

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I never imagined that I would be working as a teacher a continent away from home; even now the entire experience has been a surreal one and something that I would take with me forever. My decision to embark on this experience was one left nearly to the last minute but Aurelia had been nothing but accommodating to my needs and circumstances; they made the effort to help me readjust my life to prepare for the journey. Every step of the way Aurelia was beside me in assessing what I needed to work in the UK and were even accommodating in the kind of work that I wanted to be a part of.

As any person who has never lived a continent away from home before, I was worried I would have been left alone once the deed was done but Aurelia did no such thing. Staff and mentors were always available to talk about things and ask questions, my fellow Aurelians were understanding and helped make things less lonely. Iā€™m forever grateful to Aurelia for making my first experience overseas a great one thus far.