Jamie W


 I chose Aurelia because, compared to other recruitment agencies, it seemed more personal and approachable. Turns out, my initial impression was correct. From the get go, Julie and Lauren have been quick to offer advice, answer questions, and to take an interest in my life. They took the time to get to know me as a person and even matched me with a flat mate, another teacher, who they knew to have similar interests. Moving overseas can be tough at times, as well as rewarding too. One thing it teaches you is that community matters. There’s no company I’d rather have in my corner than Aurelia, who truly puts its teachers first. 

Teaching in England was challenging at the beginning. With moving anywhere new, there are new protocols and new ways of doing things that it takes time to adapt to. But once I got past the initial learning curve, I began to realize all of the opportunities that teaching abroad has made possible. 

This year I’ve gone on field trips to forests, museums, castles and caves with my class. During halfterm and term breaks I’ve seen Edinburgh castle in Scotland, the Sagrada Familia in Spain and next week I’m off to explore Berlin. This year has given me both work and life experiences that I’ll never forget. For anyone who wants to expand their horizons professionally and personally, teaching abroad is definitely an option to consider.