Emma R

I am currently a reception teacher in West Yorkshire, England. I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Education focusing in Elementary Education. I began looking into teaching in the UK in the fall of 2014. I visited many presentations and was, to be honest, very unsure of Aurelia. I was cautious when entering the presentation, thinking that I probably would go with someone else, and then I met Julie. Julie started her presentation and I felt an instant camaraderie with her. She was warm and knowledgeable. When I left the presentation I thought to myself this is someone I want to work with. After that things progressed pretty quickly, Julie was in constant contact, offering support and advice throughout the 8 months of my application.

Moving to England is an expensive and complicated process, but well worth the hassle. Julie knows what needs to be done and when for. She prepared me for the work involved and was there when unexpected issues arose.

Currently living in the UK I have a wonderful network of teachers, some I came over with, some I met here. We go to Rugby together, dinners, we travel to our places of work together in what we call the “loser cruiser” (8 Canadians in a mini van cab..), and we just experience England together. The amazing thing about Aurelia is the people. It may be a smaller company but at its heart it’s not a company, it’s a family. I do not regret my decision to work with Julie and Aurelia.