Victoria P

The first time I heard Julie’s voice on the phone, I knew I was in safe hands. I completed my undergraduate degree at Western University and then when on to get my teaching degree.

My first teaching position was at a small one form entry school just outside of Bradford city centre. Unfortunately, around November the school realized that they did not have the facilities to support me as an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher). Julie stepped in and was able to find me a new position in a two-form all through school. In this role, I have been able to work towards my full registration. My role at the school is a combination of cover, intervention support and one-to-one SEN (Special Education Needs) instruction. I am not changing schools each day, therefore I am able to assess work, attend weekly training sessions, create displays and complete lesson observations. The school is very supportive and understanding of my unique circumstance. 

Julie has welcomed me into her life and it is an honour to know her. I am eternally grateful for Julie’s loyalty, honesty and support. The best feature of Aurelia Education is the community Julie has fostered for her teachers. I have met good friends who live in the same building, down the street and across the country. Aurelia Education does a fantastic job at facilitating a smooth transition into your new life in the UK, without overwhelming you. It prioritizes your success as a UK teacher and a supportive teaching environment for all of the company’s teachers.

If you join Aurelia Education, you are joining a loyal, honest and supportive community encircled around an amazing woman - Julie!