Evan W

Coming to teach in England is a huge decision. You will have to deal with many different challenges along that path, and, as a result, choosing the right company to bring you over is so important. On the way to the classroom you will face obstacles both personal and professional. When I came over, I struggled with accommodation, adjusting to a new country, and adapting to a new and often confusing school system. Throughout this process, Aurelia Education was supportive and helpful. Through Aurelia, I was connected with many other teachers, both new and experienced, to help me transition into this new chapter of my life. When I had trouble finding a place to stay, the company director, Julie, made phone calls on my behalf to help in the search. This kind of personal approach is why I chose Aurelia and continue to be happy I did so. The company cares about you and making sure you can be as successful as possible. Teaching in the UK is hard, but picking the right company makes it easier. I can't speak to what other companies offer. However, I can say that I have zero regrets about choosing Aurelia Education.