Lauren LeBlanc - Relationship and Care Manager

Lauren LeBlanc is our UK contact for Aurelia. Originating from Niagara, Canada she completed her education at Nipissing University, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Education in the Primary/Junior Division. After graduating in 2013, Lauren moved to England to teach in the Cambridgeshire region as a keystage two teacher. 

In her second year of teaching, Lauren moved North from Cambridgeshire to Yorkshire joining Aurelia in it's first year as a company. Along with her dogs, Spot and Toffee, she moved to Bradford and taught keystage one. With a year of experience in the UK already, Lauren played a key role in welcoming, training and transitioning first year teachers as they joined the Aurelia community. 

At the end of her second year teaching in the UK, Lauren returned to Canada to became a permanent part of the Aurelia team and for four years acted as Aurelia’s first point of contact. In February of 2019, she returned to England permanently and her current role is now focused on caring for Aurelia’s schools and teachers in the UK.

Our overseas teachers living and working in England will have Lauren as their go-to for support professionally and personally.