Casey D

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My experience in the UK was amazing thanks to Aurelia’s help! By Aurelia willing to help me with arranging my accommodations, tell me everything I need BEFORE I head over to the UK, the school I would be at so I can do research about what to expect from the school, and the constant communication throughout the trip to make sure you’re enjoying yourself while you’re teaching in the UK truly makes you feel like you’re with a family.

During my placement in the UK, I was able to see a lot of London (thanks to my lovely accommodations). We took advantage of what London had to offer. We went to a musical (Aladdin), toured throughout London by seeing the Tower of London, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and our accommodation even recommended some restaurants we had to check out while we were there.

The nice advantage by having Aurelia set up your accomodation is you get to be with other Canadian teachers who have been in your shoes. They can identify what is different about teaching in the UK as well as give helpful suggestions and feedback to help you get use to the curriculum as quickly as possible.