Samantha Goble - Document and File Coordinator


Born and raised in small town Ontario Canada, Samantha (but you can call her ‘Sam’) attended the Trent-Queen’s Concurrent Education program, obtaining her Bachelor of Arts with an Honours in Psychology, and Bachelor of Education in the Primary/Junior division. Sam then went on to complete an alternative practicum in the Scottish Highlands during her teacher’s college year and fell in love with travel and specifically the ease of life in the UK.

She graduated in 2015 and nearly immediately had signed herself up to head back across the ocean blue and teach in the UK with Aurelia. She obtained a position teaching Reception (Kindergarten) in Bradford where she remained until Spring of 2017, contributing to the school’s community, culture, and extracurricular by leading the school council, and starting a French club. In her second year she mentored new Aurelia teachers, offering support, helping them settle into their new home and most importantly aiding them to make connections within the Aurelia community.

Sam has now joined the Aurelia team part time while she is also teaching back in Ontario. You will work with Sam while collecting all required documents to get you overseas. Beyond the realm of education Sam enjoys camping or virtually anything outdoors, traveling (having reached 25 different countries throughout her time in the UK), playing soccer (sorry “football”) and hanging out with her nephews. We are excited to welcome Sam as a member of staff in Canada for Aurelia and are even more excited for your upcoming interactions with her!