Erin McKenna - Digital Marketing & Communications Manager

Erin joined the Aurelia team in September of 2016 spearheading the digital branding and marketing communications for the company. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2015 from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, and working for a marketing software company in Halifax for a year - Erin moved overseas (specifically to Bradford) with her partner Will as he pursued his first teaching job post graduation, with a plan to travel Europe on their two year visa (they have already visited 7 countries since September with several more on the agenda for the summer).

Erin currently works at Bradford Academy as a teaching assistant in addition to her work with Aurelia, and can provide insight or answer questions for any of those who plan to move to the UK with a non-teaching partner. She and Will are beginning their second year with Aurelia in September, remaining in Bradford.

Amongst many things, Erin would describe herself as a dedicated follower of fashion, worshiper of sunshine, connoisseur of cheese, occasionally foul mouthed, and admirer of all disciplines of art. She can often be found procrastiworking on her digital marketing experiments, playing footy, or shopping in Leeds. She is your go-to for sharing your coolest travel images or written content from the many Aurelia social accounts, taker of pictures at Aurelia events  (photographer - I think ‘the kids’ are calling it) and sharing content with not only our current Aurelia Community but the prospective future one as well.

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